Ongoing Volunteer Opportunities

Current Openings

Adult Education

Teach adult students English using our Ventures curriculum and help them become more confident in their English speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills.

Youth Education

We are searching for volunteers who are looking to make a positive impact on the lives of middle school students throughout Nashville in a fun, fast-paced environment. As a volunteer, you will be assisting our Site Coordinators in leading activities and working one-on-one with our students to provide academic support. Volunteers working in the after-school program will work at one of our three sites from 4-6pm Monday through Thursday (volunteers are not required to be present all four days, and scheduling will be made according to availability and demand).

Youth Mentorship

Spend time getting to know a child and their family for two hours each week as you tutor them in different subjects, help them learn new skills, and teach them about life in Nashville.

For this program, you and your mentee can meet at the family’s home, at their school during school hours, or at another location approved by the parents.

Cultural Orientation (Nashville or Gallatin)

Teach immigrants and refugees about American culture so they can feel more equipped to handle culture shock and understand their new neighbors better. Help them learn about day to day tasks such as buying groceries, withdrawing or depositing money at the bank, and making appointments online or over the phone.

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