NICE’s employment programs focus on removing barriers to employment for newly arrived refugees and immigrants by building relationships with local employers and creating pathways for professional development.

Sustainable employment is the foundation for new arrivals’ stability and success in the United States. Our team of case managers and employment specialists works one on one with our refugee clients to build their professional skills, seek out workforce development resources, and pursue their long-term career goals – including national certifications, graduate school admission, job promotions, and more!

Nashville’s employers play a critical role in welcoming our new neighbors to our community.

NICE is proud to work with over 30 local workplaces, many of which provide our clients with a living wage, professional development opportunities, transportation, ESL classes, and numerous other benefits that aim to make the transition to life in the U.S. as smooth as possible.

Paying it Forward

NICE is especially proud of being a preferred employer for the refugee and immigrant community in Nashville. Numerous members of our staff are former refugees or clients of NICE. Their passion for community empowerment paired with their lived experiences are critical to our team’s ability to foster strong relationships with the diverse communities we serve.

“First of all, I wanted to extend my gratitude for the help you’ve provided to this facility. It’s safe to say lives have been changed for the better due to our collaboration and we appreciate your commitment and help. I must have the most culturally diverse facility in Middle Tennessee and it’s quite a joy engaging with people from all over the world.”

Luis HidalgoDirector of Operations, McKesson

Our Preferred Employers

Our preferred employers include local companies, advocacy organizations and training programs that provide newly arrived refugees and immigrants in Nashville with long-term career solutions that kick start their paths to success in the United States. Thank you to each of our partners for their support!

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