We’re creating a Nashville where everyone belongs, no matter how far you’ve come to get here


Forcibly displaced people worldwide


People served by NICE since 2005

Every minute, 30 people worldwide are displaced from their homes due to war, unrest, or natural disaster. In a new place, with a new language and culture, and away from all they’ve ever known, they start again.

At NICE, we’re empowering a more peaceful, tolerant world—a world where everyone belongs.

We help our new neighbors with education, language learning, health, employment, and everything they need to feel part of Nashville’s community. Because inclusion is a human right.

And while we may not be able to change the whole world all at once, we can change it little by little, starting within our own community, one new neighbor at a time.

Support Our Afghan Allies, Make a Financial Donation

Your donations allow NICE to support our Afghan allies with the tools they need to successfully make the transition to life in their new community. Donated funds help pay for food, housing, emergency medical expenses, and more.

Open Door Network

7,300 miles from my birthplace, I found home.

Our Open Door Network is a partnership between NICE, a community group, and a refugee family. By harnessing the power of community, your group can help a new neighbor build a life in Nashville.

Make a one-time or recurring donation, and learn more about our annual fundraising event and NICE Candles monthly subscription.

You can help our new neighbors start a new life here in Nashville through various volunteer opportunities, internships, advocacy, and more.