A New Neighbor's Belonging Begins with You

... increasing demand for a wider range of services has led to the diversification of NICE offerings.

Dr. Gatluak Ter ThachCEO

America has a legacy of welcoming newcomers. It’s important that we share our resources with the global community. We are one human family.

Max RykovAssociate Director of Development


We want to help match you with an opportunity that reflects your passions and experience.


Our internships invite students to join in our mission to empower clients through NICE’s program offerings.


The work of welcoming is anchored in an educated foundation about the resettlement experience.

Process of Becoming a Volunteer


Complete an online application

This allows us to get to know a little bit about you! After we review your application, we will invite you to attend orientation.

Attend a general volunteer orientation

An introduction to the NICE organization and an opportunity to put a face to the name.

Placement and training

We do our best to put you into a volunteer position you will love while providing training to make sure you feel comfortable in your new role.

Background check

This is a security precaution for the safety of our clients, NICE, and you!

Begin volunteering!

Now you’re ready to get out there and serve Nashville, all we ask is that you track your volunteer hours and report them back to us for our records.

Volunteer Opportunities

Welcoming our new neighbors takes a community, including you! We want to help match you with an opportunity that reflects your passions and experience.

Feel free to contact us with any questions at volunteer@empowernashville.org or call 615-315-9681

Adult English Education

Provide English language training for adult refugees and immigrants.


Help translate paperwork and communicate with our new neighbors.

Admin Support

Assist NICE staff with administrative tasks as needed.

Employment Assistance

Work with NICE clients to help them find employment.

Youth Education

Support students during after school programs.


About Our Internships

As a fast growing organization with an extensive community network, NICE offers students the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of global relations while exploring the possibility of future employment. Our competitive internship program invites participants to join in our mission to empower clients through education, employment, resettlement and social adjustment services.

Things to know:

  • Start/end dates are flexible and based on the responsibilities of each position
  • All volunteer positions are unpaid
  • Minimum of 15 hours per week 
  • Most internships are currently offering remote work only, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Adult Education

Adult Education ESL Intern 

The Adult Education program supports English language learners as they integrate into life in the US. As an Adult Education Intern, you will gain valuable experience as you are trained to teach classes, implement curriculum, and contribute to administrative processes which support the overall program.

Adult Education Instructional Support Intern

The Adult Education program supports English language learners as they
integrate into life in the US. Through programs like Citizenship Instruction, High School Equivalency, and English literacy courses, the department helps to shape the future for immigrants and refugees across Nashville.

Adult Education Childcare Intern

The Adult Education program supports English language learners as they
integrate into life in the US. Our ESL classes offer childcare for adult students during class time. The Childcare Intern would assist the Childcare Coordinator on site to provide quality supervision and learning to children ages 0-5.

Adult Education Workforce Development Intern

One of the bustling components of our Adult Education program is our
workforce development program. This program supports immigrants as they navigate a complex job market with emergent language skills and often immense cultural barriers. As a Workforce Development Intern, you will learn how to navigate community-based collaborations with workforce partners, research effective strategies from across the globe, and contribute to the design and implementation of our workforce classes.

Youth Education

Youth Mentorship Program Intern

NICE’s community-based youth mentoring program is designed to encourage and support mutually beneficial, long-standing relationships between adult role models and New American children ages 6 to 18. We seek to ensure every new American/Immigrant youth gets high-quality and comprehensive academic support that is culturally and linguistically sensitive to address the needs of refugee youth and young adults to promote their positive civic and social engagement.

Youth NAZA After School Program Intern

NICE hosts a NAZA-funded after-school program for English Learners that
focuses on building Academic, Literacy, and Social Emotional skills for
middle school students. The program uses a positive youth development
approach to promote youth leadership, healthy relationships, and instill a
positive growth mindset for all learners.


Events Intern 

Do you like to plan events, attend parties, and organize?  Interns will gain experience in event planning, community relations, and fundraising.

PR & Communications Intern 

Want to help share the story of NICE to the greater Nashville community? Interns will gain experience in public relations and media management, community relations, and outreach.

Grant Writing Intern 

Do you have strong written communication skills and a desire to learn about how a non profit does what it does? INterns will work with NICE’s development staff on grant writing, community relations, and fundraising.

Resettlement and Refugee Support Services

Refugee Resettlement and Placement Intern

The Resettlement & Placement (R&P) Department serves new arrivals to the
country in their first 90 days here, providing a variety of services to set a
family up for success in the US to the best of our ability. The R&P Intern will
assist the department in the preparation and implementation of services for
our new arrivals including but not limited to housing set-up, transportation
arrangements, critical appointments, and connecting clients to necessary

Refugee Cash Assistance and Refugee Support Services Intern

The Refugee Cash Assistance (RCA) and Refugee Support Services (RSS) intern will report to the RCA and RSS Specialists. Tennessee’s RCA and RSS programs are statewide and are a partnership between the Tennessee Office of Refugees (TOR) and local refugee resettlement affiliates of national VOLAGs. The objective of the RCA program is to provide financial support to help meet the subsistence needs of clients for up to eight months after arrival in the United States. The objective for the RSS program is to provide employment
opportunities for clients up to five years after arrival in the United States. Our
goal is for each client to obtain a job as quickly as possible, the cash assistance
provides basic support so that clients can focus on their job search.

Volunteer Relations

Volunteer Relations Intern

Volunteers are vital to the inner workings of all NICE’s departments including
adult and youth education, resettlement, health, and employment. By
recruiting, retaining, and properly training volunteers, the volunteer
coordinating team impacts immigrants and refugees across Nashville. As a
volunteer relations intern, you will gain valuable experience as you train
incoming volunteers, streamline current volunteer recruitment and retention
strategies, market our volunteer program, and contribute to administrative
processes that make our organization effective.


A New Neighbor's Belonging Begins with You

Advocacy Education

Discover how to advocate for your new neighbors right where you are.